About the Artist Paul Kiler and Art as Servant

Bio of Paul Kiler

Paul Kiler wears many hats -

-  He has worked as a Professional Photographer for almost 20 years.

-  He has been working for five years as a sculptor and Worship space designer and ecclesiastical artist for Churches. 

-  As a Pastor to Artists and Creatives, he is the Director of  Art as Servant Ministries, and speaks to Church Arts groups and gatherings nationally.  Art as Servant Ministries is called to encourage and teach Creative people how to have a deep intimate relationship with Christ, from an Artistic/Creative mindset.  For this ministry, he is an accredited Missionary with Artists in Christian Testimony, Franklin, Tennessee.

   As an artist, he has become personally attached to the symbol and design of the Cross, it has become his most frequent artistic subject matter and designs.  Because of this, he has been studying the symbol of the Cross as it has been used in all cultures worldwide, and is especially interested in the designs used in all cultures, through all of History.  He has collected many crosses from the earliest time of usage of the Cross in a Christian context, up to the present, and especially collects those crosses made by Artists and Artisans, rather than those made for mass marketing, and occasionally commissions Crosses, to encourage dwelling upon the meaning of the Cross, by the Artist.  Paul has also assembled an extremely large collection of books, and other information about the Cross, and has an extensive visual inventory of designs of Crosses – this is probably the largest collection of ephemera on this subject in North America.  Paul is also working on  books about the Cross, -  “The Cross in New Mexico”, a book about the history and designs used, and impact that has occurred with using the image of the Cross in New Mexico;  and also – an Inspirational/Devotional book about the concept and meaning of the Cross for the Christian Church, combined with images, poetry, and devotional texts, some of which are personally written.